Local retail strategies

Ensure Your Market Is Thriving With Local Retail Strategies in Canberra

The retail industry is a major employer here in Canberra and across Australia, however it has proven to be quite volatile. There are always changes, which place jobs at risk. Doing our part to help the industry and local economy, Local Economic Development can put together retail strategies, which will examine the strengths and weaknesses of the retail mix, to balance the interests of shopkeepers, employees and the community.

A detailed strategy can help maintain a strong employment base, facilitate retail transitions and minimise dislocations in the sector.Your personalised local retail strategy will provide a framework for the development, evolution and growth of the retail sector in your area. We will help ensure that priorities are determined sensibly, consulting with you and the community and on a regular basis. So contact us today on 0414 961 073 to get started!
Team of professionals building local retail strategies
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