• Regional skills audit
  • Input output analysis
  • Community events
  • Competitiveness Building
  • Local retail strategies

Your Economic Development Specialist

It's Your Economy, So Treat It Right!

Times are constantly changing, with a myriad of legislative and regulatory issues popping up on an ongoing basis. 
Chances can be taken and opportunities can be created. So if you want to embrace or create and manage change, the team at Local Economic Development is here to help.Working with small businesses throughout Canberra, we will provide the support and expertise needed in all aspects of economic development. You can expect accurate and timely advice for the decisions that will directly affect your business. We not only offer quality representation, but also have the substance and credibility to back it up. To get started or to find out more, we invite you to contact us now on 0414 961 073!
Professionals doing regional skills audit
Team of economy development specialists
Professionals creating local economic development strategy
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