Community events

Stage Special Community Events to Boost Your Profile in Canberra

Staging special community events can be of considerable benefit to your business and your surrounding region. These events can encompass a number of activities and involve a cross-section of the community, as well as bring in outside visitors. At Local Economic Development, we have staged a variety of successful events in and around Canberra, including festivals, field days, sporting competitions and more.

In addition to generating local economic activity, these events have the capacity to help you showcase local produce and business opportunities, provide an opportunity for local business networking, publicise your region and raise community morale.

If that wasn’t enough, these events can also attract seasonal workers (e.g. harvesters) and allow you to retain income generated through increased employment within the local economy.
To discover what these events can do for you and the community, please call us on 0414 961 073.
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