Getting local politics right

Work with the politics of your local economy

An economy is not something that can be clearly defined in a textbook. It is a community, made up of people and events. 
The changing policies and priorities of your local government can push funding into some areas and dry it up in others. If events occur on a large scale it can be damaging, particularly if you haven’t had the chance to launch a plan.

However, these events may have a positive impact on your business and can be used strategically to develop further employment opportunities.

Here at Local Economic Development, we will help you take into consideration the effect of these changes, so you are less likely to be caught out.While we don’t have a crystal ball, we will broaden your vision and plans for the future, to include strategies for managing change.We encourage you to give us a call at our office in Canberra on 0414 961 073 to discuss your options.
Experts doing local business analysis
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